Seven Tools to Encourage Your Teen to Listen to You

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

Yes, it is possible!

by Susie Walton

“The tragic, outstanding difficulty between teens and adults is the absence of communication. These doors can be kept open during adolescence. Much of it depends upon our ability to respect the child, even when we disagree with him.” Rudolph Dreikurs from Children: The Challenge

How many of you immediately turned to this article in hopes of finding the cure for your teenager’s “parent deafness” (as in “my kids won’t listen to anything I say…”)? Well, not to disappoint you, but if you want your child to listen to you, you have to listen to them! This might not be what you expected, but it’s actually good news, because it gives you at least a little bit of control. Even though you can’t make your teen do anything, you can make them feel heard, and in return they will begin to listen to you!

Listening is a two-way street, and I believe it is becoming a lost...

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