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"Just like we update our computers and phones, it's time for us to update our parenting skills to deal with modern issues. The Joy of Parenting Online Course is that upgrade."  Susie Walton

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Why Upgrade Your Parenting?

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Here’s What We’ll Cover

The Modules in the Joy of Parenting Online Course address all the hot button issues that come with modern family life.

Learn From The Parenting Expert That Has Trained Over 10,000 Families

The Joy of Parenting is a cutting edge parenting course based on the culmination of over 25 years of parenting classes, parent & family coaching and personal development classes. This class is for parents seeking to raise their children in a more conscious.  The course teaches how to have discipline without spanking and yelling and how to foster the development of trust and respect between all family members.

Address Modern Parenting Issues

The Joy of Parenting Online Course covers proven techniques for managing media, cutting back screentime, dealing with bullying, permissive parenting, helicopter parenting, setting and keeping boundaries, fighting, sibling rivalry, praise, rewards, entitlement, respect, tantrums, self-management,
and much more! 


Learn At Your Own Pace, With Access To Expert Advice, Anytime and Anywhere

The Joy of Parenting Online Course is available when and where you need it.  The course is available on line 24 hours a day and is easy to use on your phone, laptop, tablet, and home computer.  You'll have Susie's sage advice and techniques at your fingertips. 


Try the Joy of Parenting Online Course Risk Free

I am so confident that you are going to love the Joy of Parenting that I am giving you 30 days, risk-free! Take the Joy of Parenting Online Course for 30 days and if doesn’t exceed your expectations for any reason, simply email me and I will send you a refund.

"The Joy of Parenting is a game changer for life changer. An inspiration not just in the world of parenting but life overall. No one ever made parenting so real, so true, so humbling, so humorous and so full of love. Susie is a diamond..."

Krishna Kabra
Mother of Two

"It still surprises me how much of her teaching I still use on the daily all these years later. Susie is the real deal, you guys. (And also one of my most favorite people ever.)"

Pam Laney

"I am forever grateful to Susie and her work. I can literally say that meeting her changed my parenting - and my life - in an immensely positive way."

Cristina Trette
Mother of Three

"Susie’s Parenting Course is everything parents need to navigate everyday life at home. She provides, encouragement, practical tips, powerful insights and the inspiration to be the parent you want to be."

Pam Dunn
Mother to Three Boys

"Susie Guth Walton is the real deal. She has helped shape my parenting style. I ‘ve taken her classes and seen her for individual coaching- I leave feeling so clear and confident! She is amazing, and I highly encourage you to take her course!"

Violet Lehrer
Mother To Two

"Susie's courses changed the way I parent dramatically for the better. I'll never forget the day after I took her class 12 years ago. My two young boys were fighting. I paused, kept them in the same boat, and helped them work it out. Parenting super power!"

Jeff Everage
Father of Two Boys

"Susie is the best of the best. She is incredible at guiding parents! And I gotta say, she is a wonderful Mom and G-Ma. If she would have been my mom, I’d be in the NBA right now."

Kym Tedesco

Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

Here are Five amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!


Nurturing Kids In Competitive Sports

Terry Liskevych is Head Coach for Oregon State Volleyball. He is also the former coach of the USA Women's National Volleyball Team. His teams have medaled in the Olympics and won World Championships.

Terry gives parents guidance on how to nurture kids through competitive sports. Learn what to and what NOT to do, if you have or intend to have children who participate in the rewarding world of sports.


Getting On The Same Page With Your Spouse

Getting on the same page on parenting, discipline, finances, household chores, and vacations can be difficult.  Cristina Trette, a Therapist, and Jeff Everage, a former Navy SEAL and High Performance Coach, give you communication techniques and suggestions for how to get on the same page and stay there, even when you don't agree with each other. 


The Guide To Raising Strong Willed Children 

Have you ever described your child as strong-willed? If yes this bonus is for you. Wendy Synder of created this guide to help you feel empowered on ways you can work with your strong spirited child with integrity.  This guide helps you understand your strong willed child, see the gifts in their nature more clearly, and teaches ways to parent them using empathy and encouragement. 


10 Ways To Be An Awesome Dad

Jeff Everage, a former Navy SEAL, Business Owner, Executive Coach, and father of two boys, gives fathers 10 ways to develop a loving presence at home while being a strong masculine leader in our families. 


Healing Through Feeling Meditation

There are so many opinions and ideas and judgments about feelings.  There are even more misinterpretations and misunderstandings when it comes to feelings.  Feelings are meant to be felt, not necessarily expressed!  This is where it begins to get complicated. 

Develop your ability to feel your feelings all the way through and out and you will experience yourself as more grounded, peaceful and a better communicator. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The full 6 weeks Joy of Parenting Online Course and all 5 Bonuses conveniently located online together and available on computer, phone and tablet.  

Take the online course for 30 days risk free.  If you are not satisfied within the 30 day period, simply send us an email and we'll refund your money no questions asked. 

There are 6 modules that are released one module at a time for 6 weeks.  There is a 7th module that contains the bonus content that will be released at the end of the 30 day trial period.  Each module has 3-5 lessons for a total of 38 lessons including the bonuses.

For as long as you need it. We recommend completing the course at a module per week and then completing a bonus every week for a total of 10 weeks.  You get access to the course online for as long as we keep it online and you will be allowed to download all the content if we ever decided to stop selling the course online. 

The Joy of Parenting Online Course is useful for all parents and is especially helpful for single parents, co-parenting, foster and adopting parents. 

Yes!  The Joy of Parenting Course is non-denominational and does not conflict with any of the world religions.  Susie has taught parenting in churches, synagogues, and cultural centers around the US. 

YES! The Joy of Parenting is useful for parents with children of any age and is especially important to create structure for older children, pre-teens, and teens. Susie shows you how to change your parenting based on the age of the child.

Yes.  The Joy of Parenting is a 100% no spanking and no yelling course.  You will get the parenting tools you need to be kind, firm and close to your children as well as instill discipline and set limits on behavior.

Yes!  Taking the course as a couple is not required but a great way to stay on the same sheet of music as you parent together.  Your purchase includes the ability to share the course with your spouse. 

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