The Joy of Parenting 14-Day Self-Care Challenge

Join Susie And The Joy Of Parenting Community for 14 Days of Self Care While Raising Money And Awareness To Prevent Domestic Violence During the COVID Lockdown

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Its Time: The 14 Day Self Care Challenge

The COVID Crisis is showing us how important Self Care Really is.

We love our children. We would do almost anything for them

But what happens when we put our children’s needs ahead of our own? When caring for children is above personal wellbeing, family life can get thrown off kilter fast. We may become so depleted that parenting with joy is impossible. We may even make plans to improve our health, fitness, friendships, and relationships - but only after the kids are happy, healthy, and well cared for.

I’m ready to start eating better...once the kids get older and I have more time to cook.

I’m ready to start exercising again…but I can’t fit it in. 

I’d love to have more fun…but by the end of the day I am exhausted.  

The Pandemic Lockdown has made things even harder and more stressful

We all know that, when you are in an airplane and the oxygen masks come down, we have to put our mask on first before we can take care of our children.  

It is the same for self-care.  We can’t be fully present and available for our children if we don’t take good care of ourselves. 

Its time to build the habit of self-care and model it for our families

You know you’re capable of even higher levels of energy and enthusiasm each day. How can you get there? Let's start with more self care. Let’s stop putting off taking care of ourselves until tomorrow. Because in the end, the parents are the adults, and the parents lead the way. 

That parent is you.  

We created the 14 Day Self Care Challenge for that parent and for that reason—to help you create a better life and a happier family during the COVID Pandemic Lockdown.

In this challenge, each day you’ll be inspired to:  

✓ Stop Procrastinating Self Care 

✓ Be More Generous and Kind to Yourself

✓ Bring Even More Joy to Parenting

✓ Learn New and Fun Self Care

✓ Have more energy and enthusiasm

✓ Become the Best Version of Yourself... 

Why Do A Self Care Challenge?

Here are just a few of the benefits of joining Susie on an adventure of exploring different ways to take care of ourselves.

Get Into The Habit Of Self Care

We know we need self-care every day and we love our families so much that sometimes we put aside our own needs.  Use this challenge to create a Self-Care Habit that lasts.

Learn New Ways To Recharge

We all have the "same old" self-care routines.   Try new ways of recharging your batteries and when the challenge is done, keep the ones you like best. 

Model Good Habits To Your Family

Our children watch us to learn how to be an adult.  During this challenge you will not only model a great self care routine, you will also have opportunities to talk to your family about the important of self-care. 

How The 14 Day Self-Care Challenge Works

First: Sign Up For Free or With a "Pay What You Can" Donation to No Silence No Violence.

Second: When the challenge starts on Monday, May 4th, do each day's self-care challenge task.

Third:  Share your experience and encourage others in our Facebook Group and Accountability App. 


Each Participant Will Receive

✓ 14 Custom Challenges Delivered Daily Right to your inbox.

✓ Encouraging Video Messages From Susie and Other JoP Instructors

✓ Printable Calendar guiding you through the week and giving you and your family challenges to look forward to.

✓ The 6 Tenants of Self-Care

✓ Guidance for How To Talk To Your Family About Self-Care

✓ Facebook Group and SPAR Challenge for Accountability and Community


This Challenge Will Raise Money And Awareness To Prevent Domestic Violence During The COVID Lockdown

Research shows 1 in 4 adult American women and 1 in 7 adult American men have experienced domestic violence.

Disasters – whether hurricanes, earthquakes or pandemics – disrupt social and physical environments and increase families’ vulnerabilities to domestic violence.

All proceeds from this challenge go to the Not For Profit No Silence No Violence to reduce the incidence, trauma and stigma of domestic violence.

A Message From Susie Walton


Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Do the challenge at your pace. 

 We do not want this to add stress and in fact these activites will probably do the reverse. 

Do only the activities that make sense to you and use this challenge to learn and grow at your pace.  


Sure.  Check out there website at

Their mission is to reduce the incidence, trauma and stigma of domestic violence by creating awareness, providing support and empowerment, shifting perspectives, and promoting/facilitating systems change.

First, thank you for joining!  If you share the challenge link far and wide we will raise more money and more awareness.  You can also visit to see what opportunities there are to provide non-monetary support. 


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